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Meet Your 2022 Candidates

Jason Fanning

James Muller

Anthony Kates

Former US Army Combat Engineer, "No Mission Too Difficult". Jason is also a successful businessman who built from scratch the largest company in his trade in South Jersey, with a reach as far west as the Pacific Coast. Jason also has executive experience governing a small community, which he brought into a new era of prosperity while simultaneously lowering the budget. With a track record of creating positive results, Jason is the exact kind of leadership this city needs at this critical tipping point.

James is a lifelong Gloucester City resident. James is an eye witness to Gloucester City’s fall from grace over the past few decades and the failed policies that caused it. These are the exact kinds of roots we need at this critical tipping point in order to bring our city into a Renaissance. James has the connection to Gloucester City’s past and will dig in deep to ask why we can’t connect that great past to the present and beyond.

US Marine Corporal assigned to the Presidential Helicopter (Marine One) security detail. Anthony currently works in EMS/Ambulance services here in Gloucester City and is also very active in the positive development of our city.

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